How To Make Good Puzzles/Traps For D&D | D&D Dungeon Puzzles | D&D Puzzles

Scanning for the perfect catch, confound or challenge to keep your players on their toes and add a little flavor to your RPG campaign or cell crawl?

Well here are a few glorious contemplation you can grab, change, reuse, or for the most part change indistinguishable number of ways or times from you’d want to give your players something fresh to discover each time they dive into the hazard zone.

How To Make Good Puzzles/Traps For D&D | D&D Dungeon Puzzles | D&D Puzzles


Learn To Say Yes

  • Don’t Be Afraid Of Letting Your Players Try New Things That They Enjoy
  • Yet Always Do This With Caution
  • A room of freezing particles that hold fast to the skin and back the characters off through and through Add brutes/various troubles to taste.

A room hung with what looks like (from the start) a net of thin, creepy strands. Winds up being mono wire hung erratically between times (hard to see where until you’re right on target it) that makes it difficult to cross. Mono wire = a string can slice through anything as successfully just as it were experiencing air. Be wary.
A blasted door that must be isolated to pass. On the contrary side? A void. Isolating the door may cost your players a character or two.

An older individual shows up in a flash of light and offers to offer things to the Characters. Does he have an aim?

An amazingly regular looking floor, void room, etc. Exactly when the characters go in, the passages close and lock, and the floor starts to tilt. It’s on a centre, so advancement on it tilts it one way or the other, and it will take fast reflexes for the characters to keep from slipping into the punjee pit underneath. Amazingly, the key that opens the door is roosted on a catch on the floor with the goal that it won’t fall as long as the players are on the contrary side of the room, yet in case the floor tilts the other way, by then the key comes free and falls into the punjee pit.

A room stacked up with countless switches. One opens and opens the opposite passage. The others have distinctive horrendous effects (release resting gases, laughing gases, flood the room, drop mammoth from a divert in the rooftop [could be an eccentric instrument with a whole wrap of kept monsters up there…])

A long passage of little, depthless water. Two barges are tied up at the entry one that looks unsteady and has a little water in the base, and one that is new looking, plated on the edges and looks amazingly watertight. Turns out the “new” barge is actually a dream, and it disappears in a puff of smoke almost through. Incorporate water encounters, appendages, piranhas, kelpies and such to taste.

A stunning Wizards makes a gigantic sinkhole underneath the city the players are in.

A whimsical mass of fire, ice, water, lightning.

A stay with a door 100-200 feet up. Dividers are campaigned in woven fine arts. A discretionary word has been engraved on the divider. Turns out it’s the riddle word for one of the woven craftsmanship, (treat as a flying floor covering) anyway it must be removed from the counter charm slice holding it to the divider before it will respond.wizards crippling weakness stairs, my only weakness use 1d6 climbing up stairs knock-knock jokes prolonged eye contact silver magical wands deagon born junkies cute little kitties

A twisting diving staircase. Weight plates on the staircase trigger an electronic crossbow/Weapons at the base, making it seem like someone’s down there. Turns out it’s just a statue wired to shoot shocks/shots like that. The gateway through is near the statue.

A hexagonal live with no evident way out and a jolt drawn on the floor standing up to a divider. Riddle portals on every divider, each provoking another equivalent hexagonal remain with another self-assertive jolt. (You should layout out so you don’t get lost, paying little heed to whether the players do.) Makes an unprecedented maze.
A duplicate that has showed up as a portal. (Turning the entryway handle may cost a character his hand!) Add chipped wood bits around the gateway to give the characters a “piece of information” or essentially confuse them.
A jam/mass creature part of the way through a gateway. (About a foot sticking out.) Turns out that it’s just a “trace of something bigger” as it were, a little piece that expected to take off to some place considering the way that the 1000 x 1000 ft room on the contrary side is starting at now stuffed thoroughly full with this present thing’s huge mass.
A stay with yellow lines that edge the dividers and break for spaces at even between times 2-3 times. Where the lines break, there’s a weight sensitive catch that contorts the entire section of the anteroom to the other side and releases the character down into a pit or something like that (incorporate puniness, zombies, brutes, etc to get them when they hit if fitting.

A live with a battered, unending looking hole in the center. Closer examination reveals huge tooth marks on the edge of the hole, and a significant breathing sound beginning from far down in the base. Mind blowing way to deal with panic your characters. Incorporate mammoth man-eating wyrm for to some degree more flavor.

An indirect remain with a wellspring in its point of convergence. No doubt the floor is verified with about a foot of water and gold coins are spread over the base. Winds up being a mind flight the water is in actuality logically like ten feet deep with something alarming and hungry at the base (like appendages and a significant toothy mouth or another sludge or a horde of water-augmented zombies)

A gateway with different handles. Wrong handles trigger catches.

A long maze of gooey yellow wipe passages adequately gigantic for one individual to crawl through. Starts to draw back and harden if players take too long to even consider evening consider overcoming

A room stacked with bubbles that show the players’ awful dreams, horrendous memories and fears to them

A swarm of spirit privateers get past the dividers and attack the players

A statue of a significant buff man holding his bicep, hand somewhere close to open and a grasp hand, and grinning. (Arm wrestle to move beyond)

A point by point fake out catch, like a room stacked up with clear weight plates (maybe stepped, like a rune-word befuddle that must be stepped on) or colossal solid lines, that sort of thing. Either the catch was weakened, or it’s there to upset people. Incorporate spurring powers/dread factor by putting perilous looking arcing electrical things close to the end by the passage, inauspicious spouts, broken tiles that drop into magma… that sort of thing.

A live with an exceptional light source (like a light in a chamber in the floor or something) with a huge amount of shadows. At any rate one of those shadows are living, and hungry.

A live with a man hanging at the far end, his wrists and lower legs in shackles, secured to the divider and over the door. Walking closer to him fixes the chains (like a rack). He yells in torment and requests consideration each time they fix. It could be a dream—you pick the sum to disturb your characters’ inclination of acceptable and awful.

A room overflowing with statues (8) holding stopped vials. Setting off covered weight plates makes the statues drop them, releasing nerve gas. The passage handle is a cutting edge sharp edge.

Anything from Indiana Jones.

A round raised stage. Light dives upon in. Simply the modest man will pass.

Two chains pulled back into the dividers 30ft isolated. Orchestrate the two (achievement of solidarity) to open the passage. Make sense of how to relate them to keep it open. The portal falls quickly.
Eight switches in connections that should all be turned immediately

A long stone corridor with a mind-boggling statue of a laughing individual in football gear holding a rope toward one side and a vehicle trunk at the other. Drag the man through the stone to the vehicle trunk and interface them to pass.

A pool of frothing sewage with a pipe under it provoking a can bowl that must be scaled through.

A mass of acoustic force that effects the ears and takes an intensity of will to move beyond. Makes characters by chance in need of a hearing aide.

8 holes in the divider, each with a steel bar inside. One opens the door, the other seven daze the character. 1d4/turn.

For all intents and purposes hard to get free-various characters will regularly need to pry the dazed one free.

A gigantic, tsunami style wave expeditiously rises to pound the characters. Escape in fear or face it. Winds up being dream.

(Exceptional for the accompanying room) An authentic wave style wave climbs to pound the characters.

A thick mass of ice closing segment that shoots front lines out ten inches when reached. (1d6)

A 200 foot steel divider thwarts the way. Handholds are razor blades of sharpness.

A stay with gravity pulling four unique ways (up, down, left, right.) every “divider” is a five-foot pit of fluid gold
Two electric handles on reverse sides of a thirty-foot chamber. Like the chains, except for the characters need to outline a conductive associate with control the portal and get it to open.

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